Sunday, October 10, 2010

Top 5 Tips to Reduce Stress

Are you stressed and overloaded? Could you use some more time in your day? Do you want more peace in your life? In today’s society stress is a common problem. If you're feeling like this, you are not alone.

Our lives are so busy and so jam-packed with work, activities, appointments, meetings, schedules, and responsibilities, we often don’t have time for ourselves. If you are feeling overloaded and stressed, if your schedule is out of control and your calendar is overbooked, try these 5 simple tips to reduce the stress in your life:
  1. Learn to say no. We don't have to agree to do everything that everyone expects from us. You have the right to determine your own activities and responsibilities. If someone else can do it... let them.
  2. Simplify. Get rid of unnecessary activities and clutter. Too much stuff can be just as stressful as too much running around.
  3. Watch your tongue. Think about your words before you let them out of your mouth. Read your e-mails and texts before you hit “send”. Believe me, this can help prevent a lot of stress!
  4. Treasure silence and solitude. Turn off the noise. Take a hike in the mountains without your i-pod. Fill your soul with the peaceful sounds of quiet. 
  5. Make sure you take some time for yourself. We will be more capable of taking care of others when we remember to take care of ourselves as well. Be sure to schedule time away from the children, either by yourself or with your spouse.
To reduce the stress and regain control, why not put these steps into practice. For more information read, Balanced Living: Tips for Stress Reduction and learn how planning ahead, starting and ending your day right, and a few other stress reducing tips, could help you be on your way to a less stressed, more productive, more enjoyable life.

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